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Lapland – Gafsele area – packages

Fishing trips to the Swedish Dreamland. Swedish Lapland is generally associated with a harsh landscape, harsh climate and… with a fishing Eldorado! To meet your expectations, we are introducing a new fishing spot to our offer located in this fabulous land about which true legends already exist.

Our base is located approximately 500 km north of Stockholm in Lapland, more precisely in the Gafsele area. One of the biggest advantages of such a location is the low fishing pressure, and therefore an almost 100% guarantee of successful fishing! The main fishing spot that we would like to offer you is the Ångermanälven River. We have over 60 kilometers of it within our reach! This is an absolutely unique fishery, completely unlike our native rivers. The water flow in the river is so calm that it allows you to spin with relatively light, unloaded lures without any problems. The topography of Ångermanälven is unique – throughout its course it is interspersed with thousands of islands, islets and stone reefs, which creates excellent conditions for fishing.

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The waters of the Ångermanälven River are full of pike, whose length often exceeds the magical 100 cm. Although the fish are not as fat as their skerry cousins, they can easily match them in terms of condition! Pike whose length is in the range of 80-90 cm are an everyday occurrence, and for most anglers only “meters” count – and for good reason! In the best period, i.e. from June to the end of August, several fish over a meter long are caught daily!

The game is worth the candle, but you need to remember to choose the right bait. At the beginning of the season (i.e. in June), all kinds of jerkbaits and large soft lures work great, and as summer comes, large surface lures work better and better. This state of affairs is not so much related to the change in the positions occupied by pikes, but rather to the rather luxuriant development of underwater vegetation. The best places are all kinds of breaks in the current and bends slightly separated from the main stream. It is also worth fishing the tops and drop-offs immediately adjacent to the mid-river islands.

As our primary fishing ground is the river, we can count on contact with other fish species than just pike. There is a very large perch population in Gafsele. Perch, in the sense of local anglers, means striped fish whose length exceeds 40 cm. This means that the chance of meeting a 50-centimeter humpback is more than real!

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In addition to perch, the waters of  Ångermanälven abound in ides, trout and grayling. Interestingly, even the most noble fish respond very well to both spinning baits and artificial flies throughout the entire season (June-September).

In addition to fishing in the river, it is also possible to fish in forest lakes, which are inhabited by spectacular graylings and brown trouts. A trip to any of the forest reservoirs must be agreed and planned in advance with the owner of the resort, who is on site throughout your stay. It is also possible to use the services of local fishing guides.

We invite you to fishing trips to Sweden!

Availability of the fishing spot
Access to the best fishing spots is provided by a boat with a combustion engine. Shore fishing is relatively difficult due to the areas being difficult to access. The first good spots for catching predators are located near the center.

Recommended fishing methods
The basic method of catching predatory fish is, of course, spinning or casting using artificial or natural baits. The trolling method works well. Predators can also be caught with an artificial fly. Whitefish can be caught with a float or using ground methods.

Limits and restrictions
You can take 1 pike per day from the fishing spot, measuring 45 – 75 cm. We release all remaining pikes back into the water. You can also take other species of fish from the fishery, but only in quantities needed for current consumption on site. Freezing of fish is prohibited. A ban on taking fish for export from Sweden.

Accommodation and fishing service

We offer our guests professional aluminum boats 3.9 m and 4.15 m long, equipped with 4-stroke combustion engines with a power of 4-5 HP. The boats are equipped with an echo sounder, an electric motor, a drift anchor and bathymetric maps.

Accommodation takes place in very comfortable houses for 4 people, with an area ranging from 45 to 55 m2. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, freezer, microwave and full cutlery. In addition, each cottage has two separate bedrooms, equipped with two single or double beds. The bathrooms have full sanitary facilities, i.e. shower and toilet.

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Na ryby do Szwecji - www.przewodnicywedkarscy.pl - Wyprawy do Laponii

Na ryby do Szwecji - www.przewodnicywedkarscy.pl - Wyprawy do Laponii

Location of the center

Fishing offer in Gafsele in Sweden (packages).

Date: May-September.
Duration: 8-day stays, starting on Saturday.
Access: on your own (car + ferry or plane + car rental on site).
Number of participants: from 4 people. The number of participants depends on the number, size and configuration of houses and boats.
Accommodation: cottages (living room, two separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet).
Meals: on your own.
Fishing ground: river and river floodplains.
Fishing guide: 1 day of guided fishing is included in the package price. On request, it is possible to rent a guide for subsequent days.
Price: 2500 PLN per person per week of stay without travel for 4 participants (10000 PLN in total for 4 people). The price was calculated at the SEK exchange rate from 01.03.2023 and may change in the event of a change in exchange rate. In some cases, the given price may change because it depends on many factors, such as the number of participants, availability of specific houses or apartments, availability of specific types of boats, etc. Our Customer Service Department will provide you with more information upon request. The price includes VAT.
In price:
– accommodation in a house for 4 people (7 nights).
– 2 fishing boats 3.9-4.15 m with a 4-5 HP internal combustion engine (the boat is equipped with an echo sounder, an electric motor, a drift anchor and bathymetric maps).
– 1 day of fishing with a fishing guide.
– linen.
– towels.
– final cleaning.
– full fishing information about the fishing spot.
– care of an English-speaking resident.
– accident and life insurance.
– mandatory contribution to the Tourist Guarantee Fund.
Paid additionally:
– boat fuel, according to consumption on site.
On your own:
On site it is possible to:
Refundable deposit: none.

our company offers ferry tickets to Sweden (Gdańsk-Nynäshamn, Gdynia-Karlskrona, Świnoujście-Ystad, Sassnitz-Trelleborg) at attractive prices, lower than directly from ferry carriers.
Airplane and car rental:
Our company offers mediation in the purchase of airline tickets for all airlines in Europe and around the world. We also offer car rental brokerage.

Reservations, applications, more information about the offer: sebastian@guidedfishing.pl or tel. +48 786 874 825.

Before each fishing trip, we offer detailed information on how to prepare and what to take with you on the trip. For some of the fishing trips we organize, it is possible to rent fishing equipment and baits. Thanks to our help, you can purchase the necessary equipment and baits before the expedition (at very attractive prices) or at some fishing spots, also during the expedition. If you have any questions, please write to us – sebastian@guidedfishing.pl or call tel. +48 786 874 825.

WELCOME to fishing trips to Sweden! We will share our passion with you!