» Lake Bukowo – trips with a fishing guide

Lake Bukowo – trips with a fishing guide

We invite you to one- or multi-day fishing trips with a professional guide to Lake Bukowo. The lake is a former sea bay cut off from the Baltic Sea by the Bukowska Spit. The reservoir is connected to the Baltic Sea by a special Szczytko Canal. It is a lake located in Bukowo Morskie, on the Słowińskie Coast in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Lake Bukowo is a paradise for anglers – there are about 20 species of fish there. You can practice water sports on the lake, and there is also a sailing marina. We invite you to Lake Bukowo mainly for zander and large perch. Both species can be caught successfully from time to time. We regularly catch large zanders in the lake.

Exclusive fishing trips with a professional guide, focused on catching zander or perch. Exclusive trips for 1-2 people. Expeditions lasting from one to several days. We invite you during the season: you can catch perch all season long, zander from 01/06 to 31/12.

Availability of the fishing spot
Access to the best fishing spots is provided by a boat with a motor. Fishing from the shore is difficult. Good places to catch predators are only in specific places that our guide knows perfectly.

Recommended fishing methods
The basic method of catching predatory fish is, of course, spinning or casting with artificial baits. Trolling is also an effective method. Predators can also be caught with an artificial fly.

Limits and restrictions
On our trips to Lake Bukowo, we prefer the catch and release principle. After landing the fish, we take photos and gently release it back into the water. Thanks to such practices, we can even catch the same fish several times.

Accommodation and fishing service

The vessel on which we take our guests is a 4.7 m laminate boat with a 50 HP internal combustion engine and an additional bow engine. The guide’s boat is equipped with a professional echo sounder. Our units are comfortable and safe.

Of course, we provide accommodation for our clients. Accommodation depending on your preferences – from private accommodation, through guesthouses and hotels, to SPA hotels.

Location of the fishing spot

We carry out expeditions on Lake Bukowo.

Fishing offer with a guide on Lake Bukowo

Date: Dates to be determined individually during the season: perch can be caught throughout the season (also under ice), zander from 01/06 to 31/12.
Duration: from 1 day of fishing (8-10 hours a day) to several days.
Access: on your own (private car).
Number of participants: 1-2 people. Possibility to organize trips for larger groups.
Accommodation: accommodation depends on preferences – from private accommodation, through guesthouses and hotels, to SPA hotels. Accommodation is charged additionally.
Meals: on your own.
Fishing spot: medium lake.
Fishing guide: professional guide included in the price during the entire trip. Guide – Dawid Jasiński.
– 1208 PLN per person for 1 day of fishing.
– 1816 PLN for two people for 1 day of fishing.
– for larger groups, individual pricing.
The price was calculated using the above assumptions and in some cases the price may change because it depends on many factors, such as the number of participants, availability of specific types of boats, etc. More information on request will be provided by our Customer Service Department. The price includes VAT.
In price:
– professional fishing guide.
– guide’s arrival at the place.
– boat with a combustion engine.
– fishing equipment and baits.
– accident and life insurance.
– mandatory contribution to the Tourist Guarantee Fund.
Paid extra: accommodation.
On your own:
– access to the site.
– fishing licenses.
– food and drinks.
– possible accommodation
On site it is possible to:

When using the guide’s equipment, we also charge for broken and damaged baits and for damaged guide sets (fishing rod, reel, line, leader).

Transfers from/to the fishing spot:
Our Customer Service Department will provide you with more information upon request.

Reservations, applications, more information about the offer: sebastian@guidedfishing.pl or tel. +48 786 874 825.

Before each fishing trip, we offer detailed information on how to prepare and what to take with you on the trip. For some of the fishing trips we organize, it is possible to rent fishing equipment and baits. Thanks to our help, you can purchase the necessary equipment and baits before the expedition (at very attractive prices) or at some fishing spots, also during the expedition. If you have any questions, please write to us – sebastian@guidedfishing.pl or call tel. +48 786 874 825.

WELCOME to guided fishing trips in Poland! We will share our passion with you!