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Rügen – the Fishing Ground with the Largest Pikes in the World

Wyprawy wędkarskie na ryby z przewodnikiem - Rugia - www.przewodnicywedkarscy.plI am sure that not all people in Poland know that our western neighbours, Germans, have a huge island on the Baltic Sea. The name of this “mystery” island is Rügen. Rügen is situated in the former GDR (East Germany), in the south-western part of the Baltic Sea. It is a very big island with the area of nearly 1000 square kilometres. The island has a very complex coast line and includes numerous smaller islands (e.g. Hiddensee or Ummanz), islets and peninsulas (e.g. Jasmund or Wittow) and big saltwater bays (e.g. Grosser Jasmunden Bodden and Kubitzer Bodden).


Short vacation with Friends on fishing…

Wypuszczany okoń - - Wyprawy na ryby

Here are some photos from fishing trip. The aim of our trip was asp, zander, perch and catfish.


May on the island of Rügen - 2012

Rugia - - Wyprawy wędkarskieBeginning of May 2012 on the island of Rügen pike fisheries was very successful. The fish were biting very well, and most importantly, we were able to catch some beautiful big pike. The biggest fish in May of this year were 116 and 118 cm, we caught a few fish over a meter, several pike over 90 cm and many smaller pike. READ MORE

Weekend with big pike

minIt is probably my day, because I have first bite. Big fish strikes the lure. Fish goes on the bottom. We see the fish on the surface and we know that it is over one meter pike. Pike fights well and my brother pick-up the pike by hand. READ MORE

Vistula - Expedition 21-22.05.2011 - report

Wisła - wyprawa grupowa - - Wyprawy na WisłęIn late May we had another angling trip on the Vistula River. This time period 21-22.05.2011 was a good term to fish., we did not have to cancel it because of the good status of water on the Vistula. Members of the expedition were: Paweł, Darek, Piotr i Darek. The visitors were under the care of two guides Sebastian and Mateusz Kalkowski. READ MORE

Vistula - Fishing trip 17-18.07.2010 - Report


Wisła nasza Królowa - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskieIn mid-July we had another fishing trip (group) on the Vistula River. This time period 17-18.07.2010 was lucky because I did not have to postpone it because of high water on the Vistula. How’s that for each of the Vistula, the expedition group, we hosted 4 people. Members of the expedition were: Marcin, Marek, Rysiek and Maciek. The visitors were under the care of two fishing guides: Sebastian and Mateusz Kalkowski. READ MORE

Summer memories 2008

min3A great fishing adventure in good company, full of beautiful fish and memorable moments. READ MORE