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Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez - Argentyna - Las Termas Rio Hondo - Dorada - www.przewodnicywedkarscy.plCarlos Alvarez is a fishing guide in Las Termas Rio Hondo area in Argentina. He is well known of Dorad fishery in this area in Argentina. He fishes Dorads on many various ways. He’s spinning passionate, fly and also trolling. He is a hunter of many impressive Dorads.


Marcin Bobola - Marcin BobolaHello. My name is Marcin Bobola. My friends often say and laugh that I was born with passionate to fishing. I can say that I fish since I remember. Similar to many colleagues I started with float rod , but from many years I fish with fly and spinning. I fished Salmonid on many rivers across the whole world. I participated many fishing expeditions, for example: in Scandinavia , Balkans, Russia or New Zeeland. 


Tomasz Ekert

ekertI have been fishing for nearly 30 years. For the last 20 years, I’ve been spinning nearly all the time (and occasionally fly fishing). Before I moved to Ireland, I had been a member of the spinning team of the Krosno region. I was on the podium in the region’s spinning championships many times. Four times, I won in the spinning Grand Prix of the region, I took part in Poland’s Spinning Championship four times as well.

While fishing in the country, I focused on chub, barbell and brown trout. I used wobblers in the rivers of the Podkarpacie region (the Carpathian foothills).


Jacek Gorny


I was “infected “by fishing as a couple- year boy. At the beginning I use float, after that I started using spinning method. I started from catching perches, then other fishes like pikes, sanders, chubs, brown trouts. I am very keen on sport so I started to participate in fishing competitions. I was lucky, because in my district were few competitors, who also were members of national team. I don’t have to explain how significant knowledge it is.


Robert Grzywnowicz

Robert Grzywnowicz z dużym pstrągiemProfessional fishing is passion of my life. I do it from many years. My adventure with fishing started with float fishing. Since I went to Sweden at the beginning of 90’s I was “ Infected” by fly and spinning method. I fish mainly on Warmia and Mazury Lakes such as: Lutry, , Tejstymy, Widryny, Legińskie, Głębock. I also like fish on the down side of the river Lyna. On my fisheries I mainly trolling with pikes, sanders.


Mateusz Kalkowski

kalkowsk4My name is Mateusz Kalkowski. Fishing is the passion of my life. I try to spend every spare moment with a rod or a camera in my hands. It all started with trips with my brother and father (thank you, Dad!) to Mazury Region (Masuria). It is there where my fishing adventure began. I knew at once that spinning was not for me. I did not like and I still don’t the ‘stationary’ fishing. I like travelling and I love to visit new places whenever possible.


Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski

kalkowskiHe’s a fan of spinning and jerk bait fishing after pike. A fishing guide, an editor of a fishing website, a part-time writer for the “Wiadomosci Wedkarskie” (“Fishing News”) magazine, the CEO of WKS Sandacz fishing club and a member of OKP Passaria.


Robert Kieras

kierasRobert Kieras.  One of the best, if not actually the best, angler in Bieszczady Mountains, a long-term member of the spinning team in Krosno region. He was the champion of the region three times, won Grand Prix of the region five times, took part in Poland’s Grand Prix and Poland’s Championships numerous times, and was Poland’s vice-champion in 1997.

Constant co-worker of Wedkarz Polski magazine. He owns the official record of Poland in nase catching. Expert in Carpathian waters including the Solina, the Beska, the San, the Wislok and the Ropa rivers.

Blaž Klančnik

Blaž Klančnik - Pstrąg marmurkowy - Słowenia - - Wyprawy na rybyBlaż Klancnik is a young angler. He fishes since he was a child. For the last years he gained lots od experience at the slovenian rivers. Now he’s a professional fishing guide. He’s pasione is fishing by fly-method. Undoubtedly he is a master at that. He spends all his time at the trout rivers in Slovenia. Using  fly- methods he fishes with all possibile and well-known methods.


Tomasz Krysiak

krysiakAsked what I do, I usually answer ‘I fish!’. Because that’s the way it is. I started as a young boy. My father used to drag me to bigger and smaller rivers of the Pomerania region and lakes of the Szwajcaria Kaszubska (Kashubian Switzerland) region – I am from Gdynia, so it was nearby.


Tomasz Kurman

trout-2Fishing for me is both a passion and way of life. I can not imagine a week without a rod in my hand. This wonderful hobby infected me with an excellent fisherman - my father.


Arek Mackiewicz

mackiewiczArek Mackiewicz. He has been a fisherman nearly all his life. The Zulawy Region and the surrounding channels are a real angling range – both for float anglers and ground anglers but first of all for spinning anglers. With numerous fisheries, they provide perfect conditions not disturbed by too many anglers.

Arek has been the tester and member of TEAM DRAGON for several years now, he has many angling friends in Poland and abroad. He is a co-founder of the Elblag Spinning Club Elspin-Milex whose members are very successful in Poland. Their frequent meetings and sharing experience help them continuously increase their angling skills. In other words – he is our Zulawy specialist.

Łukasz Ostafin

Łukasz Ostafin z pięknym pstrągiemMy name is Łukasz Ostafin. I’m 33. I grow up and live at Raba river. Here I caught my very first fishes. My master was, much regretted Antoni Tondera. He showned me the secrets of “fly” method and “infected” with sport competition. I spend every moment , most of my life, with my rod fishing trouts and graylings. I love to discover new fisheries and observe the nature.  I wore down many pars of wodders, when I was paddling in Raba, Dunajec or San Rivers.


Łukasz Pasiuk

Łukasz PasiukI started my fishing adventure 25 years ago. Beginnings were obvious:  chasing with bamboo after roaches, perchs, breams on many ponds in Mazury area. First records, stuffing my head with lots of fishing knowledge and tricks. With some time, I devoted totally to spinning method, catching the most popular predators: pikes and perchs. I improved my fishing skills in many places in Poland and across the board. I mainly catch on soft baits, however I don’t avoid typical masurian patents.


Robert Paulin

paulinI have been wrapped up in fishing since I was a child. As far as I remember, in fact. I was born in the Masuria region where my family has been living for many generations. My Dad ‘infected’ me with the love for fishing. He was the one who taught me catch my first fish, and later on the first predatory fish. I was taught the knowledge conveyed through generations.

My main fishing experiences were made in the lakes in the Masuria region. My favorite waters, the ones I visit most often to fish, are the Ros and the Sniardwy lakes. These are the lakes were I fish most and hit my new all-time records. I’m fond of asp fishing and I keep pursuing big, over 1-meter-long pike which is called ‘bar-pike’ by the people from the Masuria. I love the spinning and I keep learning and discovering the opportunities the trolling gives.

I continue the fishing tradition which I try to implement in contemporary times.

Dave Pugh

pugh. I started my fishing adventure with preying fish in 1988. At first, I angled with different techniques but now I catch fish with artificial bait only. I caught my first big sander in 1993 in the Avon river.

Now, I specialize in fishing this prey fish. I have been a fishing guide for several years. Being a guide, I’ve had the chance to take numerous anglers to the trips of their lives to look for sander and pike.

I fish regularly on the Severn and Avon rivers and I know them by heart. During our joint trips, the anglers may use their own baits or models which proved good as well as ones borrowed from me. I always make my best to make the trips with me successful and unforgettable.

I invite all anglers, no matter what their experience and fishing knowledge, total green horns and professionals. In my fisheries, we mainly use spinning or trolling. Moreover, I take vertical sets to catch sander. Depending on the prey fish, I use different types of artificial baits.

Be my guest at our common fishing!

Fraser Simpson


Patryk Skorupa

skorupaPatryk Skorupa. He got infected with angling while still being a child. His angling evolution led him to the ‘only right method’, i.e. spinning. For several years now, he has been taking part in regional contests. In 2006, he had the 3rd place in the Grand Prix for the Angler of the Year, in 2007, he was one rank higher. In 2005, jointly with a group of friends, he founded the Angling Sports Club – Police and he became its president.

He angles at the Oder river most often but you can also meet him on the lakes. In winter, he looks for trout and salmon.


Łukasz Strzałkowski

strzalkowskiI have been fishing for over 20 years.  I started with a bob like the majority of anglers. I quickly got interested in catching preying fish with artificial bait. I’ve been spinning for 16 years, and I’ve been fly fishing for 12 years. The main goal of my fishing trips, both with the spinning and with the fly, is the salmon family. In summer, I love to flounder in lowland rivers to look for the barbell, the chub or the catfish. My favorite fisheries are reefs, a substitute for fishing in the mountain rivers.


Janusz Wideł

widelI’ve been angling all my life, mainly in the Danube as I live 200m from this river. I prefer spinning and fly fishing. I’m mainly interested in salmonids but I don’t miss my chance to hunt for big zander or asp (I have Poland’s record in the longest asp caught).

Besides regular fishing, I take part in spinning and fly fishing contests. I was the champion of Nowy Sacz region in spinning many times. I was awarded several times in prestigious events like Romaniszyn Cup or Lipien Popradu. Huchen is my passion I have been pursuing for over 20 years.

Andrzej Wizner

wiznarI have been interested in fishing since I was a child. I’m a passionate of all angling techniques, first of all these where you can meet big fish. That’s why I spend most of my time fishing pike, as well as carp and trout. I have been hunting for pike for over 10 years now. The Zarnow lake notorious for pike which are over 100cm long is my basic fishery.

I use the spinning, trolling, and sometimes I fish with live baits. If nothing happens, which is really rare here, I use jigging to catch perch, there are plenty of them in the Zarnowiec. I have so far caught several dozens of pikes over 100 cm long, the longest was 128cm long. In my free time, I fly fish. I was Poland’s champion in team championship in 2006.