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Robert Kieras

kierasRobert Kieras.  One of the best, if not actually the best, angler in Bieszczady Mountains, a long-term member of the spinning team in Krosno region. He was the champion of the region three times, won Grand Prix of the region five times, took part in Poland’s Grand Prix and Poland’s Championships numerous times, and was Poland’s vice-champion in 1997.

Constant co-worker of Wedkarz Polski magazine. He owns the official record of Poland in nase catching. Expert in Carpathian waters including the Solina, the Beska, the San, the Wislok and the Ropa rivers.

Our guide fisheries

San River (Brown Trout, Grayling, Hucho Hucho)

It’s one of Poland’s best fisheries for salmonid.  This is a correct definition albeit it does not tell you the whole truth about this mountain river. The San is in fact one of Europe’s best fisheries for salmonid.

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Feel invited to fish for trout. The San is famous for its beautiful fish of this species. Is 40 centimeter the right size? We would be irresponsible to say that you will always catch such fish with us. But we are sure that your chances are vast. We would like to talk you into fly fishing.  The San is famous especially for its huge grayling caught with artificial fly. Do you fear that you won’t make it?

Fishing with guide - Grayling - - Fishing trips

Come on, we will help you. Do you lack the equipment? No problem, we will lend it to you, learn basic things and show you the best spots in the water. We don’t guarantee that a one-day trip will end with beautiful trout or grayling. You mustn’t forget that trout are very cautious fish. Grayling do not have to get interested with the bait offered. We do guarantee, however that our guides regularly catch beautiful fish. They know which spots may be most effective in each season of the year. They have necessary experience to apply the proper bait.  What more, they make perfect baits themselves. A beautiful chub may be a bycatch of such a trip. If you wish, you may focus on this brave fish. Feel invited. Consider a vacation as well. Bieszczady Mountains are a good place to stay with your whole family. Just find some time for fishing and get in touch with us.

Fishing with guide - Grayling - - Fishing trips


Fishing with guide.

Prices from 1 to 2 days of fishing with a guide (price per person per day).
150 EUR per person - one person with guide.
100 EUR per person - two persons with guide.

Prices from 3 days fishing with a guide (price per person per day) .
130 EUR per person - one person with guide.
90 EUR per person - two persons with guide.

In the case of a larger number of people, please contact us.

The price includes: fishing with professional guide.

Rent a fishing tackle:
Rod, reel, line (full set) - 20 EUR per person per day.
Lures - 20 EUR per person per day.

Additional costs:
Fishing license.
Optionally accommodation.

If you want to make a fishing expedition or if you want to hire a fishing guide or if you have any questions, please email us or call. Enjoy!

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