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Arek Mackiewicz

mackiewiczArek Mackiewicz. He has been a fisherman nearly all his life. The Zulawy Region and the surrounding channels are a real angling range – both for float anglers and ground anglers but first of all for spinning anglers. With numerous fisheries, they provide perfect conditions not disturbed by too many anglers.

Arek has been the tester and member of TEAM DRAGON for several years now, he has many angling friends in Poland and abroad. He is a co-founder of the Elblag Spinning Club Elspin-Milex whose members are very successful in Poland. Their frequent meetings and sharing experience help them continuously increase their angling skills. In other words – he is our Zulawy specialist.

Our guide fisheries

Druzno Lake (Big Pike)

Shallow, overgrown, with plenty of fish, especially pike – this is the shortest description of the pearl of the Zulawy Region, i.e. the Druzno Lake. Till the year 2007, it was forbidden to fish there, first allegedly to protect water- and mud-birds breeding colonies.  Today, it is an ideal spot to fish pike with jerk bait and our trainers are experts in this fishing method. We don’t promise you to catch the fish of your life at the Druzno lake for sure.  What we can tell you, however, is that if you dream to catch a 100-cm long pike, you must visit this water.

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The Druzno lake is located in the south-eastern part of the Zulawy Elblaskie region. It is a remnant of the Vistula Lagoon which in the past used to cut deeply into the land. The lake with the water at the level of 0.1m below sea level is a quasi-submersion and is surrounded by banks. Depending on the wind direction, the water level in the Druzno lake changes substantially with discrepancies of up to 1m. The surface of the water is about 1,790 hectares. The “Druzno Lake” natural park which due to the uniqueness of its fauna and flora is a part of the area listed under the Ramsar Convention as the World Heritage. Since 2004, it has been a part of the network of Special Protection Areas within Natura 2000.

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The Druzno is a flood lake with an average depth of 1.5m, strongly eutrophicated. Its vast waters –apart from very few parts of clean water – are very thickly covered with swimming plants. It hinders moving and looking for fish spots. That’s why you cannot underestimate the role of the guide. The host at the Druzno lake is the Elblag unit of the Polish Angling Association. Fishing is allowed on boats owned by them. The season starts on September 1st and lasts till December 31st.

Fishing with guide - Pike - - Fishing trips


Fishing with guide.

Prices from 1 to 2 days of fishing with a guide (price per person per day).
170 EUR per person - one person on the boat.
110 EUR per person - two persons on the boat.

Prices from 3 days fishing with a guide (price per person per day) .
160 EUR per person - one person on the boat.
100 EUR per person - two persons on the boat.

The price includes: fishing with professional guide, fishing boat with engine, fuel, buoyancy vest.

Rent a fishing tackle:
Rod, reel, line (full set) - 20 EUR per person per day.
Lures - 20 EUR per person per day.

Additional costs:
Fishing license.
Optionally accommodation.


If you want to make a fishing expedition or if you want to hire a fishing guide or if you have any questions, please email us or call. Enjoy!

Phone: +48 503 172 508

Group expedition - Druzno Lake (Big Pike) - season 2014

Group trips - Drużno Lake - Season 2014 - WELCOME!

Dates of expeditions in the season 2014: 23-26.10.2014 (4 dni) + 13-16.11.2014 (4 dni) + 04-07.12.2014 (4 dni).
Number of participants: 5 anglers
Guides: Arkadiusz Maćkiewicz (Zanderix) and Mateusz Kalkowski
Deadline: Final notification one month before the planned trip
Price: 240 Euro per angler
If you subscribe for three months before the planned trip – you will get a discount 15 Euro!
Booking: e-mail: or tel. +48 503172508.

Fishery description and kind of fishes that appear there??
Over the four days we sailed the vast bays of Lake Drużno. This is a very attractive lake. There is a large population of nice pike. Lake is a shallow fishing grounds and is ideal for fishing for pike on jerkbaits, big lures, and other shallow-running lures.
On the first day we meet up early in the morning. Quartered in, unpack our luggage and go together to the fishery. In the 4th day of fishing at the end of the day, checking out of the hotel and go back to our homes.
The aim will be of course pike fishing. We will be fished in areas where there is a very good chance to catch big pike
During the trip we will discuss lake spots, and we will advise you how to fish in those spots.

We live in a beautiful guest house. Rooms 2, 3 and 4 persons. All rooms equipped with toilet facilities, bathroom with toilet, TV.

Food and drinks
After each night, the hotel provide breakfast in the hotel.
Lunch and dinner on your own. You can take your food or order meals on-site at the guest house.

Holder of the lake is PZW Elblag and we can only swim on their boats. Fishery provides swimming on the waters only for electric motors. Engines ( max 5 HP) are permitted to operate only in water track. The guides will be exchanged every day, so that each of the members of the expedition had the opportunity to swim with a guide.

Care during the expedition
Guides during the trip will be Arkadiusz Mackiewicz (also known as Zanderix) and Matthew Kalkowski. Anglers who know the lake Drużno very well.

Access to the fishery
Access to the accommodation and the beach area on their own. We meet in the quarters. Details of the meeting after signing up on the list of volunteers for the expedition, and upon payment of the advance.

Equipment information
Before expedition, we ensure extensive information about equipment for all participants. We pass the information after paying advance. We also offer 7 %  discount for fishing equipment in ” Fishclub” store, Łukowska 30 st, Warsaw, and “Dom Wędkarza” store, Okrężna 38 st, Warsaw.

What should I take on a trip
Food and drink for 4 days (breakfast included in the price of the trip).
Appropriate clothing - warm and waterproof.

Applications accepted by mail or telephone - e-mail: and tel. +48 503172508.

WELCOME to the trip! We will share with you our passion!

Short movie about our fishery: LAKE DRUŻNO.

These pike are waiting for you!

Duży szczupak z Drużna - Arkadiusz Maćkiewicz

Ponad metrowy szczupak z Drużna - Mateusz Kalkowski