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Weekend with big pike

minIt is probably my day, because I have first bite. Big fish strikes the lure. Fish goes on the bottom. We see the fish on the surface and we know that it is over one meter pike. Pike fights well and my brother pick-up the pike by hand. Another expedition is Behind us. This time our goal were big autumn pike. For a long time we could not wait to date of departure. This time, we were able to verify the new braids, jig heads for large rubber baits etc..

I went fishing with my brother Mateo and with our friend and “coach”; Adam. We planned a four days trip. We started by checking our regular places, where he had already fished big fish. But it turned out, that the pike is not there or do not feed too well. We decided to change the place and look for fish in other parts of the fishery. Sailing to the next place, I decided to check one more place that we discovered last year. We do not have any bait.


We tried again, and when he approached the most interesting places, sensed that we will have the first bait. And suddenly we had the first bite but fish did not hooked up. A few seconds later, Adam has one more bite and we know after the first seconds of fight, that fish is not small. Fight does not last too long and we quickly pick-up some nice near one meter pike. A few photos and a fish go back in good shape to the water.


I start the engine quickly and we go back to this good place. Almost at the same place, we have powerful bite. Fish fights hard. Fight is not easy, because I feel that the fish is really big. But the pike slowly going in our direction.  Pike is very very big. In the end we got it at boat side. I grab the pike by hand, I see huge head! Fish is very heavy and measured 118 centimeters. Once photographed, fish quickly goes back into the water.


Without waiting for the applause, I decided to repeat the inflow. I set the boat almost identical, as previously. Slowly, we go to the best places. We move with the wind. I have a powerful bite, but the fish after a second fall from the hook. A moment later, my brother has another bite. Fish is on! Another big pike. All the time goes on the bottom. After some time, pike appears at the surface. This is big pike. I ask my brother if he take the fish by himself. He gives up and everything is in my hands. Fish is ready. I kneel at the side of the boat and pull out a fish grabbing her by the gill cover. This fish is also a great fish. Pike has 113 cm long and  much over ten kilograms  of weight. We do a short photo session and releasing fish.


We are in big adrenaline rush. Already, we are very pleased with the results. JBut we do not forgive and we fish further. I set the boat just as previous time and begin to drift. We catch a few big fish.



That day, big lures were good large wobblers and large soft baits.



In the next two days, weather completely changed. The wind is blowing from a different direction.  In the next place we are able to catch some very nice pike.




The fourth day is another breakthrough in the weather. The wind is blowing hard. However we fish more nad more. It is probably my day, because I have first bite. Big fish strikes the lure. Fish goes on the bottom. We see the fish on the surface and we know that it is over one meter pike. Pike fights well and my brother pick-up the pike by hand. Pike is 105 centimeters long. A few pictures and fish quickly returns to the water.


Quick return on fishery and in a moment I have another bite. This time the pike is a bit smaller . Fish is strong abd fish still fights well. At some point, pike strongly accelerates and jumps all over the water. In the end I lead the pike to the side of the boat and pick it up by hand. Meter pike has a wonderful golden color.


It is really my day, because in the next casts I caught few fish. We fish for some time and finally decide to sail very far in our best place. After we get to the fishery, I set the boat into the wind, so that wind pushed us toward the best place.


Already in the first drift I have a powerful bite, but I fail to cut fish.. A moment later, Adam tells that he has a large fish. Fish pulls very strongly, so that Adam almost lost his rod.Unfortunately, after a few seconds, the fish hooks out. Too bad, because she was a very large… After some time, Mateusz have nice pike. Fish floats to the bottom. It is obvious that this is another big fish.. Pike fought fiercely and can not be pulled to the surface. Mateusz leads him near the boat and decides to take him alone. Pike is not giving up and even a few times is away from the boat. Pike is very strong. At the end Mateusz, grabs his hand under the covers and pulls over the pike into the boat.. The fish is beautiful and very thick. For a moment it seems to us that is much larger than in reality. We measure the fish. Is 110 cm and is very heavy. With difficulty we make some pics and release fish into the water. What a wonderful ending of the fishing trip!


During the trip we had the opportunity to test a series of braids Rozemeijer Cast of X-Press 18,5 kg. Braid exercised very well. Through all days did not show any signs of wear, often in the first days of use takes place in use of other braids. Braid Cast X-Press is almost circular in diameter and is very durable. Tested braid has a permanent blue color. In addition, braid does not pill and does not tend to tangles.Although I am in favor of braids Stren i PP, but I think braid Cast X-Press is commendable for anglers who fish for large fish. It is very good for heavy pike fishing. As usual, during our trips, we learned many new things, what will surely pay off in the future in our next angling trips. Needless to say that all the fish we caught were released back into the water.

We will meet with them next time!

Sebastian „rognis_oko” Kalkowski (Autumn 2008)

Photos: rognis_oko, Mateusz Kalkowski