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Vistula - Expedition 21-22.05.2011 - report

Wisła - wyprawa grupowa - - Wyprawy na WisłęIn late May we had another angling trip on the Vistula River. This time period 21-22.05.2011 was a good term to fish., we did not have to cancel it because of the good status of water on the Vistula. Members of the expedition were: Paweł, Darek, Piotr i Darek. The visitors were under the care of two guides Sebastian and Mateusz Kalkowski. Two boats sailed, this time down the streem of Vistula because of the good spots, which we notice few days before the expedition. We got good weather. On Saturday we had a beautiful, sunny weather with temperatures over 20 degrees and little wind. Sunlight and increase of the pressure favored the fish, especially asp, ide and chub. On Sunday the situation was similar, but the fish bait a little worse. That day, light wind was blowing and the sky was far less clouded.

The purpose of the May trip were mostly asp, because the previous days we spent on the Vistula showed that they bait the best. Fish were grouped in several places and on certain part of the day they bait well. By the way, we tried to catch chub and ide. Especially ides bait good, because we managed to catch a few medal fish. As usual, we did a total of about 30 km of the river. Our guests had the opportunity to see and learn how to fish on many different spots on Vistula.

During the trip we caught most of the asp, and it was up to a dozen pieces! There were also record-ides, we caught a dozen pieces. The best fish were ides more then 50 cm,  we caught a few fish of that size.

Here are some photos from our trip.

Our camp.

Wyprawy na Wisłę - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

First catches.

Hol bolenia - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Darek holuje bolenia - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Landing the fish.

Podbieranie bolenia - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Nice asp.

Warszawski boleń - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Nasz Gość z boleniem 70 cm - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Darek z kolejnym boleniem - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Mateusz z ładnym boleniem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Piotr z boleniem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Mateusz z kolejnym boleniem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Piotr i boleń - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Very nice Ide from Vistula river.

Przewodnik z okazowym jaziem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Kolejny jaź Sebastiana - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Paweł z jaziem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Sebastian z okazowym jaziem - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

All fish came back to the water.

Złów i wypuść - Wisła - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

The expedition was very successful! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guests for this trip. It was a pleasure to welcome you! Of course, we invite you to the next fishing trip with our guides.

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski ‘2011

Photos: Mateusz Kalkowski, Sebastian Kalkowski