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Vistula - Fishing trip 17-18.07.2010 - Report


Wisła nasza Królowa - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskieIn mid-July we had another fishing trip (group) on the Vistula River. This time period 17-18.07.2010 was lucky because I did not have to postpone it because of high water on the Vistula. How’s that for each of the Vistula, the expedition group, we hosted 4 people. Members of the expedition were: Marcin, Marek, Rysiek and Maciek. The visitors were under the care of two fishing guides: Sebastian and Mateusz Kalkowski. Two boats set sail, and this time again, we sailed down the Vistula river because of the good spots, which measured out in raised water levels. We found quite unusual weather conditions, such as the Polish conditions. On Saturday we had a real “Africa” with the temperature around 35 degrees and very little wind. We hardly managed, but we were quite ok. Despite the great heat of the fish preyed quite well, and the best results achieved at peak times when the sun warmed the most. On Sunday, the situation has changed dramatically, because we have had since the dawn of a large storm, which interfered with our plans for at least several hours. The morning was quite cool, and about noon it began to make it hot. On that day a cold wind was blowing and it was quite cloudy with rain. However, the situation was good, because the pressure drops and the fish were quite happy to prey.

The aim of the expedition was mainly asp, because the previous day that we spent on the Vistula River has shown that we should focus on this species. Fishes assembled in several places and certain times of the day well preyed. By the way we tried to catch chubs and ides. At several barbels places wehad contacts with beautiful fish, barbel, however,were winning in the lobby. The plan was also hunting at night for catfish. Although selecting a good location and amount of feeding could not be tempted to take any fish. As usual, we sailed a total of about 30 a few miles of the river. Our guests have the opportunity to see and learn many different spots of Vistula. .
During the trip we caught most of the asp, and it was up to a dozen pieces!
There were also caught big chubs and zanders. Raisins Asp was 78 centimeters in size, which caught our Guest - Rysiek from Krakow! Congratulations!

After the trip we got a favorable e-mails from participants. Here are two of them:

Marek: I think that trip on the Vistula River was a success. I managed to catch the first asp, and I am very pleased. All thanks to Sebastian who served with professionally, provide valuable advice and shared his own baits. The climate was very cool trip, full of play and relaxation on the water even though the weather wasn’t very pleasant(on Saturday from the morning heat poured down from the sky and no wind, and on Sunday, bad weather and storms), Wisla … but … well here I was pleasantly surprised, still  Warsaw and got very wild, fihery where were lots of grand fishes, fishing with guides like Sebastian and Matthew can really see the better at once the guys really know the water.
Although I haven’t caught too much, I will go on a trip with guides, maybe next time the weather will be more conducive to fishing and even happiness will not be lacking.
I warmly thank for our fishing, it was great, until next time. Marek. 

Maciek: Sincerly, I recommend a trip to anyone who wants to hunt for fish and Vistula beautiful views … Who did not see the Vistula Masovian not know what is lost - a huge number of transfers, wild tail,  exactly what anglers like the best is just around the pole.
Especially when  the fishing is a real pleasure. On the “plus” also includes tips from fishing guides. Maciek.

Below are some photos from our common journey.


Wisła - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Niebo nad Wisłą - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Our camp.

Obozowisko - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Zacumowana pychówka - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

On good spot.

Na miejscówce - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Wiślana miejscówka - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Asp fishing.

W akcji - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Na przykosie - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Fight with fish.

Rysiek w akcji - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Przewodnik holuje dużego bolenia - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Hol rekordowego bolenia - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Taking the fish.

Przewodnik podbiera bolenia - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Sebastian podbiera bolenia - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Mateusz podbiera bolenia - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie


Marek z pierwszym boleniem - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Sebastian z boleniem - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Mateusz z boleniem - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Marcin z boleniem - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Słoneczny boleń - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie


Duży kleń - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Night Zander. 

Nocny sandacz - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

The biggest asp - 78 cm and happy guest.

Rysiek z rekordowym boleniem 78 cm - Wisła grupowa - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

It was cool fishing! Thank you for this trip and we welcome you on next trips with our guide!

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski ‘2010

Photos: Mateusz Kalkowski, Sebastian Kalkowski