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Skerries St. Anna (Pike, Perch, Zander)

Expeditions to Sweden on Skerries St. Anna. Expedition for pike, perch, zander and whitefish (breams, ides)- WELCOME!

Going with us you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need is included in the price. Check out our offer.

Szkiery - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Fishing dates: Spring and Autumn – available terms: (8 days of site, 6 full days of fishing) - Spring 2015 - 09-16.05.2015, 16-23.05.2015, 23-30.05.2015, 30.05-06.06.2015 - Autumn 2015 - 05-12.09.2015, 12-19.09.2015, 19-26.09.2015.

Numbers of participants: 1-6 persons

Fishing methods: We mainly fish pike on spinning method. Using spinning we catch also perch and zander.

Applications terms: applications at least 2 months ahead before planned expedition.

We offer ( price includes): 6 days of fishing on Skerries St. Anna, accommodation in comfortable, for six persons house, two professional fishing boats( for two persons) Tracker 4,5 meters, with Suzuki 15 KM engine, for fishing Sportex equipment, plane tickets, transfer to the fishery and airport, polish resident care at the place (1st day presenting fishery and the methods of fishing), insurance, final cleaning and sheets.

Price doesn’t include: fuel to the boats. You can buy fuel at the place where we’re staying in the canisters 5 liters itch, or multiple.

Price expedition: 2015 - 580 EUR

Booking and applications: on e-mail : or by phone numer:+48503172508.

Description of the fishery and fishes that appear there:

Archipelago, Skerries St. Anna is a enormous area of water. Fishing pression is very low in here. It is one of the best fishery of pike, perch and zander in this area of Swedish Baltic coast.  Thousand of island and islets. Many underwater stones, and rocks overgrown with underwater flora and also many types of cane, which gives us the picture do great fishery of pikes, perches and zanders. The best season for pikes is between May and June and Fall to the end of October. In spring you catch pikes mainly on shallow bays, and in cane area, where they prey, after completed their spawning. However during fall, we look in slightly deeper places from 3 to 7 meters. On Skerries St. Anna numerously appears huge pikes or perch , which can be expected in fall. Trolling is forbidden on the waters of  Skerries St. Anna. Daily , we can take from fishery one piece of pike or perch to the house(measurement 45-75 cm)  You can eat them only at that place.

Szkiery Św. Anny - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Fishes that appear there:

The main attraction on Skerries St. Anna are without a doubt pikes. base is in separated place, far away from fishing pression. Individuals over one meter aren’t rarity here. Another attraction are zanders , worth to go there in fall. After finding good place you can catch many individuals. Another skerries attraction are big perches. Someone who devotes time for catching the “fat” ones, won’t be disappointed. For followers float or feeder methods there are many species of calm prey.

Szkiery Św. Anny - metrowy szczupak - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szkiery Św. Anny - okazowy szczupak - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szkiery Św. Anny - duży szczupak - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Swimming equimpent

At your disposal we have got two professional fishing boats: Tracker 4,5 meters, with Suzuki 15 KM engines.  Boats are equipped with two revolving chairs with high regulation. GPS Garmin with sea maps and marked with the best places and the most dangerous lines between on fishery. Equipment includes sonar and CB radio which uses to contact between boats and the base. Equipment includes life-jacket. On every boat we have got Sportex equipment.

Szkiery Św. Anny - łodzie wędkarskie - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szkiery Św. Anny - elektronika na łodzi - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szkiery Św. Anny - łodzią po szkierach - - Wyprawy wędkarskie


Accommodation in comfortable house for six persons. The house has 2 rooms for 3 persons and living room with bathroom and toilet, heating and terrace. From house to harbor is 30 meters. On the firs good fishery you swim about 5 minutes by boat.

Szkiery Św. Anny - domek na szkierach - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szkiery Św. Anny - nasza przystań - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Food and drinks

During whole expedition the full board is provided. ( breakfast, dinner and supper)

Care during the expedition

On Skerries St. Anna you are under the care of polish resident/ guide. He is with you from your  landing at the Swedish airport.  For all the time he advises with recognizing fishery , choosing the best suitable equipment and technique of catching predators. He also helps with organizing every day trips to fishery. He swims firs day with all participants and shows particular fisheries and talks about methods of fishing.

There is a possibility to buy a fishing with fishing guide for all 6 days of fishing.

Information equimpent

Before expedition, for all participants we provide extensive fishing- information and help with eventual equipment shopping. All the information will be transferred after booking  and payment for expedition. We offer 7 % discount on shopping in Warsaw’s “ Fishclub”. Lukowska 30 street.


Flight from Poland, exactly from Warsaw, Katowice or Poznan to Nyköping in Seweden lasts about 90 minutes. After landing in Sweden we organize transfer to base with very large and comfortable van. It takes about 120 minutes. After 3/5 hours from starts in Poland we can swim into fishery.

There is a possibility to come by your own car - then the cost is much lower of the cost of the tickets.

Booking and applications: on e-mail : or by phone numer:+48503172508.

WELCOME on the expedition! We share our passion with you!

Our guides on this fishery

Mateusz Kalkowski

kalkowsk4My name is Mateusz Kalkowski. Fishing is the passion of my life. I try to spend every spare moment with a rod or a camera in my hands. It all started with trips with my brother and father (thank you, Dad!) to Mazury Region (Masuria). It is there where my fishing adventure began. I knew at once that spinning was not for me. I did not like and I still don’t the ‘stationary’ fishing. I like travelling and I love to visit new places whenever possible.


Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski

kalkowskiHe’s a fan of spinning and jerk bait fishing after pike. A fishing guide, an editor of a fishing website, a part-time writer for the “Wiadomosci Wedkarskie” (“Fishing News”) magazine, the CEO of WKS Sandacz fishing club and a member of OKP Passaria.


Before each of the trips we offer very detailed information, how to prepare and what to bring with you on a trip. For each of the trips you can rent fishing equipment and bait. With our help, you can also purchase the necessary equipment and bait before the expedition or just bait during the expedition. If you have any questions, please contact us - Enjoy! We will share with you our passion!.