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Mälaren Lake (Pike, Perch)

malaren1The Mälaren is Sweden’s third biggest lake. Its surface amounts to 1,140 square meters. The lake is located in the south and surrounds the whole city of Stockholm. Mälaren splits the city into several parts. Its maximum depth amounts to 60 meters.

The lake is deep in general but it has many shallower bays and many sections with shallow even bottom or shallow reedy spots.

On the lake, there are lots of islands which are good fisheries for preying fish.  One may mainly counts on successful pike and perch fishing on the lake. Mälaren is connected with the Baltic Sea and another big lake, i.e. the Hjälmaren.

malaren2The lake’s shore is very differentiated. The bottom is full of underwater hills, depths, flat and shallow parts, it’s really very interesting from the angler’s point of view.

Feel invited to fish on this big lake.

Our guide, Tomasz Krysiak, has his big, fast and safe boat here. The boat is fully equipped with fishing stuff and electronic appliances, including echosounder and GPS.

Our guides on this fishery

Tomasz Krysiak

krysiakAsked what I do, I usually answer ‘I fish!’. Because that’s the way it is. I started as a young boy. My father used to drag me to bigger and smaller rivers of the Pomerania region and lakes of the Szwajcaria Kaszubska (Kashubian Switzerland) region – I am from Gdynia, so it was nearby.


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