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Skerries Raggaro - near Stockholm (Pike, Perch, Zander)

szkiery1Skerries near Stockholm are about 200 km of shores. Skerries were made by a glacier which left about 30,000 isles, rocks, bays, necks between islands, many underwater hills and big depths when it was shrinking. Skerries are the result of constant piling up of the land.

On the skerries near Stockholm, very differentiated flora and fauna live. Bigger inner islands are full of dense coniferous and leafy woods. They are seats to bigger mammals and a vast number of wood and water birds. Smaller islands which are common on the outskirts of the archipelago, are covered with low plants and have a more austere, northern image.


Stockholm skerries are a true natural park full of very clean water and untouched nature. In the waters of Stockholm skerries, there are many fish types, first of all great pike, perch, sander, trout and salmon of course.

On Stockholm skerries, we GUARANTEE that you fish from a very big and fast boat with a strong engine, which lets you fish in any weather conditions! The boat may take 4 fishermen onboard and is equipped with full sea electronics – GPS sonar and echosounder. The boat is equipped with full fishing stuff as well. If you want to fish with our guide, Tomek Krysiak, you don’t have to worry about anything. You may go without your equipment or suitable clothes. Our guide guarantees fishing suit and full fishing equipment included in the price of fishing.


Our guides on this fishery

Tomasz Krysiak

krysiakAsked what I do, I usually answer ‘I fish!’. Because that’s the way it is. I started as a young boy. My father used to drag me to bigger and smaller rivers of the Pomerania region and lakes of the Szwajcaria Kaszubska (Kashubian Switzerland) region – I am from Gdynia, so it was nearby.


Before each of the trips we offer very detailed information, how to prepare and what to bring with you on a trip. For each of the trips you can rent fishing equipment and bait. With our help, you can also purchase the necessary equipment and bait before the expedition or just bait during the expedition. If you have any questions, please contact us - Enjoy! We will share with you our passion!.