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Reda River (Sea Trout, Salmon)

The Reda starts its flow near Strzebielin and 51km further it flows into the Gulf of Puck. The Reda is the land of trout and grayling. This is a wonderful, sometimes still a very wild, river. It winds among woods and meadows. Every year, sea-trout and salmon swim into the river from the Baltic sea.

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They swim up the stream onto spawning.  It is this fish that lures anglers from many places in Poland to the Reda. The population of salmonid in the Reda, thanks to the systematic protection and stocking, improves every year. This is one of Poland’s best rivers to catch trout. The Reda is fussy, unpredictable and demanding, however. It may give you a set of beautiful fish but it may be very freakish as well. Knowing this river and its best trout fisheries well is the key to the success.  Our guide knows where to look for such places and how to catch the trout out there.  Feel invited for common trips with our guide.

Fishing with guide - Sea Trout - - Fishing trips


Fishing with guide.

Prices from 1 to 2 days of fishing with a guide (price per person per day).
150 EUR per person - one person with guide.
100 EUR per person - two persons with guide.

Prices from 3 days fishing with a guide (price per person per day) .
130 EUR per person - one person with guide.
90 EUR per person - two persons with guide.

In the case of a larger number of people, please contact us.

The price includes: fishing with professional guide.

Rent a fishing tackle:
Rod, reel, line (full set) - 20 EUR per person per day.
Lures - 20 EUR per person per day.

Additional costs:
Fishing license.
Optionally accommodation.

If you want to make a fishing expedition or if you want to hire a fishing guide or if you have any questions, please email us or call. Enjoy!

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Our guides on this fishery

Andrzej Wizner

wiznarI have been interested in fishing since I was a child. I’m a passionate of all angling techniques, first of all these where you can meet big fish. That’s why I spend most of my time fishing pike, as well as carp and trout. I have been hunting for pike for over 10 years now. The Zarnow lake notorious for pike which are over 100cm long is my basic fishery.

I use the spinning, trolling, and sometimes I fish with live baits. If nothing happens, which is really rare here, I use jigging to catch perch, there are plenty of them in the Zarnowiec. I have so far caught several dozens of pikes over 100 cm long, the longest was 128cm long. In my free time, I fly fish. I was Poland’s champion in team championship in 2006.


Before each of the trips we offer very detailed information, how to prepare and what to bring with you on a trip. For each of the trips you can rent fishing equipment and bait. With our help, you can also purchase the necessary equipment and bait before the expedition or just bait during the expedition. If you have any questions, please contact us - Enjoy! We will share with you our passion!.