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Group expedition - Lupawa River (spinning and fly fishing - Brow Trout, Grayling) - season 2014

Group Trips - Łupawa river (spinning and fly-fishing section) - 2014 season - WELCOME!

Dates of trips in 2014 season: 19-20.04 (2 days), 24-25.05 (2 days) + 21-22.06.2014 (2 days).
Number of participants: 2-4 anglers
Guide: Łukasz Strzałkowski or Sebastian Kalkowski
Fly fishing school included in price (instructor Łukasz Strzałkowski).
Deadline: Final notification 14 days before the planned trip
Cena: 135 Euro per angler
If you book a month before the planned trip – 12 Euro less!
Bookings: e-mail: or tel. +48 503 172 508.

Fishery description and kind of fishes that appear there?
Over the two days, under the supervision of a guide, we will fish on a special section of Łupawa River. Special section is divided into two parts - fly fishing and spinning. Our guests will be able to catch both fly and spinning. On Łupawa you can catch beautiful brown trout and grayling. Łupawa is varied enough to give everyone the opportunity to fish in various spots and various techniques. On the first day we meet up early in the morning at headquarters. Quartered in, unpack your luggage and go together to the fishery. On the second day of fishing, to the very end of the day, we are checking out the hotels and return to our homes.
The aim of our fishing will be brown trout. We will be fished in areas where there is a very good chance of catching big trout.
During the trip we will discuss the river spots, and we will advise you how and what to fish at these spots. NOTE! Learning of fly fishing included!

We live right on the river in a house. The cottage has kitchen, bathroom, toilet and heating.

Food and drinks
On Saturday evening (after fishing) fireplace and we provide a snack. Other self-catering. You can take your lunch or shop near your accommodation.

Fly fishing school
During your stay our guide will provide any advice on the proper fly fishing casts. For less experienced basic has been provided for fly fishing casts. You will see how to select a set of fly-fishing, how to assemble kit and how to tie fishing flies.

Care during the expedition
Guide during the trip will be Łukasz Strzałkowski and Sebastian Kalkowski. Anglers who know very well the special stage Fly - Łukasz and spinning - Sebastian. The guides at all times will provide knowledge and professional advice.

Access to the fishery
Access to the accommodation on your own. We meet in the quarters. Details of the meeting after signing up on the list of anglers for the expedition, and upon payment of the advance.

Equipment information
Before expedition, we ensure extensive information about equipment for all participants. We pass the information after paying advance. We also offer 7 %  discount for fishing equipment in ” Fishclub” store, Łukowska 30 st, Warsaw, and “Dom Wędkarza” store, Okrężna 38 st, Warsaw.

What should I take on a trip
Food and drink for two days.
Appropriate clothing - warm and waterproof.

Waders are needed for deep wading.

Applications accepted by mail or telephone - e-mail: and tel. +48 503172508.

WELCOME to the trip! We will share with you our passion!

Trouts are waiting for you.

Łukasz z pstrągiem z Łupawy

Pstrąg 60 cm - Łupawa - - Wyprawy na ryby

Our guides on this fishery

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski

kalkowskiHe’s a fan of spinning and jerk bait fishing after pike. A fishing guide, an editor of a fishing website, a part-time writer for the “Wiadomosci Wedkarskie” (“Fishing News”) magazine, the CEO of WKS Sandacz fishing club and a member of OKP Passaria.


Łukasz Strzałkowski

strzalkowskiI have been fishing for over 20 years.  I started with a bob like the majority of anglers. I quickly got interested in catching preying fish with artificial bait. I’ve been spinning for 16 years, and I’ve been fly fishing for 12 years. The main goal of my fishing trips, both with the spinning and with the fly, is the salmon family. In summer, I love to flounder in lowland rivers to look for the barbell, the chub or the catfish. My favorite fisheries are reefs, a substitute for fishing in the mountain rivers.


Before each of the trips we offer very detailed information, how to prepare and what to bring with you on a trip. For each of the trips you can rent fishing equipment and bait. With our help, you can also purchase the necessary equipment and bait before the expedition or just bait during the expedition. If you have any questions, please contact us - Enjoy! We will share with you our passion!.