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Huge pike from Rugen! - 22.06.2016

In February we manage to catch pike over 130 cm!!!

Pike took Savage Gear Real Eel 30 cm, Firetiger.

Pike 131 cm!

Wyprawy na Rugię - - Szczupak 131 cm!

Wyprawy na Rugię - - Szczupak 131 cm!

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski, 29.02.2016

Rugen, pike, Salmo and Fishing and Hunting TV - 22.06.2015

On the island of Rügen we have hosted an international television crew Fishing and Hunting. Together with Salmo and our friends Piotr Piskorski and Marcin Popowicz, we’re shooting a film about catching big pike on Rügen. On the first day of filming weather was not very pleasant - very strong wind was blowing, and a lot of rain. But it did not stop us in the task, catching big pike for the movie. Of course, catching big pike with Salmo company, we fish for them only using lures of Salmo company. The biggest pike on the first day was - 102 and 109 cm. The most effective lure was Salmo Warrior Crank 15 S in a new, specially prepared for pike color of Rügen. Below are some photos from the film.

Szczupaki z Rugii - - Wyprawy na ryby z przewodnikiem

Szczupaki z Rugii - - Wyprawy na ryby z przewodnikiem

Szczupaki z Rugii - - Wyprawy na ryby z przewodnikiem

Szczupaki z Rugii - - Wyprawy na ryby z przewodnikiem

Szczupaki z Rugii - - Wyprawy na ryby z przewodnikiem

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski, 22.06.2015

Trout start of the season 2015 - 26.01.2015

As usual, we welcomed the new year on the trout river with our friends. The weather was not so good for us, but we managed to catch some beautiful trout at the beginning of the season. Keep it up! Below are some photos from the New Year trip.




Salmo, which have always been with us for trout, have proven to be the most effective baits on this day.



Of course, all trout was returned back into the water.

Wyprawy z profesjonalnym przewodnikiem - - pstrąg potokowy

Sebastian “rognis_oko” Kalkowski, 26.01.2015

Rod Bushwhacker XLNT - 02.03.2013

Further testing of rods Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT is after us. Rod works in all conditions. We tested it on a variety of rivers, trout and use with a variety of baits. This is a really great rod that is worth recommending.



(Sebastian Kalkowski, 02.03.2013)

Test of rod Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT - 26.02.2013

Further testing of rod Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT confirm that this is really a very versatile rod for trout fishing. Great works in combination with all types of lures used to catch trout - wobblers, soft baits, and jiggs.

Here are some photos in which the rod is visible, and a few pictures of trout caught on this rod.









(Sebastian Kalkowski, 26.02.2013)

Savage Gear and trout - 24.02.2013

Since the beginning of the season we are testing new equipment known company Savage Gear. For me, the beginning of the season is mostly brown trout fishing, so we took the test rod of the company’s top series - Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT. Stick has a length of 2.28 and casting weight marked on 3-18 grams. it has a fast action, but when having a fish on it, rod has nice cushions, and sometimes under the influence of weight, bends almost to the hilt. Rod is nicely finished and well armed. Rod is made by use of Fuji.
For me, the biggest advantage of this rod is for sure: the length - the length of the rod is ideal for small and medium-sized trout rivers. Length of the rod allows for fishing in most places. Another advantage of this rod is light weight and good balance. Bushwhacker XLNT feel the work of all trout baits. Great sense when trout take the lure, even the gentle caress of the bait. Rod better works with line, but when combined with the braid is ultra sensitive. During the landing of fish it works very well with the larger fish yields almost the entire length. I fished this rod for all kinds of bait. From 7 cm wobblers to small jiggs.

Savage Gear - Bushwhacker XLNT -

Savage Gear - Bushwhacker XLNT -

Z Gościem na pstrągach -

Złów i wypuść -

The next test of Bushwhacker rod soon on our website!

(Sebastian Kalkowski, 24.02.2013)

Wisla - back to the past … - catfish of the season 2012 - 27.12.2012

Outside the window gloomy and cold. It is worth thinking back to a warmer time of year. In September of this year, we have focused primarily on the Vistula River fishing for catfish. Weather and water level in the river was very conducive to successful fishing of this species. Of course we used it up, which resulted in catching dozens of catfish in one month. In memory remains for me a couple of great days, spent with my brother. Only we, our beloved Wisla and catfish. On one of these trips we were able to catch the real big fish. It is worth thinking back to those moments.

Big catfish - season 2012.




Mateusz, thank you for the common season on the Vistula River. It was very good! We caught some big zander and over 50 catfish, including several fish over 200 cm. I keep my fingers crossed for 2013 season!

(Sebastian Kalkowski, 27.12.2012)

Winter, pike and Salmo wobblers - 12.12.2012

Winter began. Time for the thickest pike. In the first week of December we met with a team of Salmo to test a new coat of varnish. Weather was not so good for us We found existing winter conditions! The air temperature ranged between -2 and -5 degrees. Wind also does not allow for comfortable fishing and falling snow made ​​it difficult. The temperature of water in some places in the fishery was from 0.5 to less than 2 degrees. But for the hardcore there is no bad weather for fishing! We gave it everything, which resulted in catching some really big and plump winter pike. During the trip we were able to test a few lures with a new coat of varnish. Salmo seeks to achieve perfection in the construction of their lures, so the new paint tests are held for a long time. Here are a few photos of the pike caught on Salmo.

Duży szczupak - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szczupak 108 cm złowiony na Salmo Perch - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Metrówka - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Szczupak 105 cm na Salmo Pike - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Mateusz z okazem szczupaka złowionego na Salmo Executor - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

Gruby zimowy ponad metrowy szczupak - - Wyprawy wędkarskie

(Sebastian Kalkowski, 12.12.2012)

Vistula, a short marathon, brothers and catfish… - 18.10.2012

Is it possible to catch several catfish on the Vistula River in less than two days ? This is realistic and even achievable. We have recently tracked down a great place for Catfish. One of the weekends of September we decided to go to these places just two - brother to brother. We needed a bit of relaxation and distraction from reality, so the decision was one - we go fishing. On our boat we took only Catfish rods to focus only on those fish. After launching a pontoon and passing a few kilometers, we finally arrived at the place. Well, it started For 24 hours we caught several catfish. The biggest fish were 160 and 170 cm. Most catfish oscillated between 100-140 cm. We had contact with two huge catfish, but lost the fight.

Here are some pictures:

Wyprawy na ryby - sum - wisła


sum - wisła - wyprawy na ryby

dublet - wisła - sum


nocny sum - wisła

Of course, all the fish go back into the water. We will enjoy fishing them in the next seasons.

Złów i wypuśc - sum - wisła

Welcome to Catfish expedition in 2013!

(Sebastian i Mateusz Kalkowski, 18.10.2012)

Weekend on the Vistula River with a guide - 14.09.2012

Here are some photos from the weekend on the river. Our guests were catching beautiful fish in the care of our guide Matthew Kalkowski.

wyprawy na ryby - Wisła - goście

sum - wisła - wyprawy na ryby

wyprawy na ryby - wisła - sum

Sum - wisła -




wyprawy na ryby - wisła





sum-złapany w nocy




(Sebastian i Mateusz Kalkowski, 14.09.2012)